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5 Classic Cocktails Everyone Should Drink Once

The cocktail scene is filled with all kinds of amazing drinks, but most fan favourites cocktails were made a long time ago. Classic cocktails have not failed to satisfy the general public through all of these years and over this time, they have evolved into even better tasting drinks with higher quality liquor and better mixes. Not only do these beverages taste amazing, but they are also easy to make with very few drinks unlike the other more modern ones. So, here are 5 classic and timeless cocktails that everyone should drink once.

Dry Martini

When it comes to "luxury" cocktails, many people immediately think of the martini. While numerous mixed beverages are called "martinis," there is only one original martini, which is the dry martini. The dry gin martini is made entirely with gin and dry vermouth. It is frequently served with a touch of bitters and an olive or lemon twist garnish. It's truly that easy and straightforward to make, yet it's a genuine treat and a must-have on every cocktail connoisseur's list, whether you are a beginner or experienced.


The Manhattan needs whiskey, just like the martini needs gin.  In this drink, you'll go from dry to sweet vermouth, but whiskey is a complicated category of spirits. You must be selective with what you put into  the Manhattan because each whiskey you pour will produce a somewhat different drink. The Manhattan has been infused with a variety of whiskeys. Rye whiskey used to be the typical option, but it fell out of popularity for much of the twentieth century. For many years, Canadian whiskey and bourbon made their way into Manhattans, and today's rye revival provides a flavour of the original.

Old Fashioned

A sugar cube steeped in bitters, a shot of whiskey, and an orange peel. That is really how easy it is to make an old-fashioned cocktail from scratch. This traditional drink has been offered since the mid-1800s and remains as popular now as it was then. There are other ways to modify this recipe as well. For instance, you can follow an original with basic technique and add one of the modern tweaks or you can adapt the beverage to your taste and add more complex mixes.


If you go through any number of historical bartending books or menus, you'll see that sour cocktails were popular back in the day. These were simple concoctions that struck the ideal sweet-sour balance, making then a popular choice, even for today's world. The sidecar is one of the most well-known sour cocktails. Some individuals choose whisky instead of brandy in this traditional drink, but either one will work. This beverage may have originated during World War I, and most consider it as a brandy margarita.


The margarita is well-known, and like the martini, it now comes in practically comes in every colour and taste conceivable. The basic recipe is significantly easier than many of its current versions, and does not require a blender like the modern ones. The classic margarita is served with a couple of ingredients like tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. It is recommended to  take a time to savour the original margarita if you truly want to appreciate tequila.

If you are looking for beverages that would not fail to satisfy your alcoholic needs, classic cocktails are the perfect option. Some of the classics include the dry martini, the manhattan, the old-fashioned, the sidecar and the margarita. All of these drinks have a wide range of amazing flavours and perfect mixes, while also being easy to make. If you are planning to make any of these drinks and are in need of their ingredients, try the new after hours alcohol delivery services today!

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What are the most popular drinks around the world?

Drinking alcohol is a popular leisure activity that most individuals engage in, whether alone or with others. There are numerous kinds of drinks available across the world, each with its own distinct flavour, texture, and level of alcohol. As people drink more and more, they gain a sense of what drinks they prefer the most and which ones they do not like at all. Having said that, there are a few notable beverages that the general public enjoys the most. Here is a list of some of the world's most popular drinks.


Bacardi is considered as one of the most classic alcoholic beverages across the world. Founded by Don Facundo in the mid 1800s, Bacardi was created to put a slight twist on the process of making rum and create a smooth, dry-tasting, light-bodied spirit rum. As the years went by, the quality of Bacardi evolved and their fan base grew exponentially. Now, Bacardi has become a staple beverage in the alcoholic world and they have expanded their collection of rums with drinks like white and gold rum.

Johnny Walker

Johnny walker, a single grain, single malt Scotch whisky, is a well-known drink that is favoured by the general public. Johnny Walker, the creator of this drink, was a gifted entrepreneur and saw a business opportunity in the alcohol industry. Because he noticed that the whiskeys served at grocers did not have a consistent taste and texture, he decided to make his own kind by mixing single malts together, which eventually led to the birth of the rich, dark, unique tasting whisky of the Johnny Walker brand. As of now, Johnny Walker is considered as one of, if not the biggest whisky brand in the world, with various types or “labels” of whisky that range in flavours. For example, the Johnny Walker Red Label is a classic blend of the brand that is fresh, smooth and warm and has accents of vanilla, spice and malt.


Hennessy is a type of cognac, or brandy that was founded by Richard Hennessy in the mid 1700s and is now considered as a luxurious brand of alcohol. Hennessy is made from a thin and dry white wine, which is aged for at least two years after being distilled twice on average. Although there are multiple types of Hennessy that range in prices, they all share a sweet fruitiness taste that is similar to a burnt wine paired with a pleasant oakiness.

Crown Royal

Created by Sam Bonfman in 1939, Crown Royal has evolved into an award-winning alcohol brand that is enjoyed by countless people. Originally, Crown Royal was created so that the royal guests that would come to Canada would have a whisky fit for their likings. Nowadays, Crown Royal is consumed and appreciated by a number of people in Canada because its quality is top tier and its smoothness is incomparable to other whisky brands. This beverage has a medium body with hints of vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, and a rye spiciness that you can enjoy on its own. So, if you are looking for a classic whisky that is smooth and has the right amount of bite, Royal Crown is the perfect option.


Jameson, also known as the best-selling Irish whisky in the entire world, was found in the 1780s by a man named John Jameson. Although there were many distilleries and alcohol brands at the time, his whisky prevailed, outshining his competition. After many years of crafting and improving, this beverage stayed on top of the whisky podium and became what it is today. Jameson has a balanced flavour of vanilla, sweet sherry and spiciness, that all come together to develop a smooth and mellow finish.

Drinking in moderation with your friends or even by yourself is a great way to have fun and pass time. There are many drinks to choose from, but there are a couple that most people tend to lean towards. Some of these popular drinks include Bacardi, Johnny Walker, Hennessy, Crown Royal and Jameson. If you happen to run out of alcoholic beverages or want to try the ones mentioned above, keep the party going with Toronto's newest after hours alcohol delivery company!

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How can I drink alcohol safely?

Not being aware of your surroundings while intoxicated can lead to harsh consequences. Some of the consequences include injuries to yourself or others, accidents and even long-term health problems. There are many ways you can drink alcohol safely while still having a great time by yourself or with your friends. Here are a few ideas to help guide you towards being cautious while drinking.

Know Your Limits

Understanding how alcohol can affect your body is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes drinking every now and then. One way to sustain healthy drinking habits is to establish your limits of alcohol consumption. Everyone has a different ceiling because of various factors like sex, weight and drinking speed. Drinking more than what you can handle,  may increase the chance of you getting into an accident or feeling hungover the next day. If you do this regularly, it is more likely for you to experience severe long-term effects like, brain damage, heart disease or mental illness. So, know your limits and monitor that amount of alcohol you intake and how often you are consuming it.

Eat Food and Drink Non-Alcoholic Beverages While Drinking

Drinking with a full stomach will not only help limit the amount of drinks you consume, but will also suppress the strong effects that alcohol has on your body. Your stomach and small intestine are where alcohol enters your system. If you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol will reach your bloodstream more rapidly, leading to a higher blood alcohol level and an increased chance of experiencing stomach pains and other negative effects. Some important things to remember when eating and drinking are to consume lots of water, avoid sugary drinks and refrain from eating salty snacks.

Track How Much You Drink and Your Habits

A drinking diary can help you understand your drinking patterns and how you can control them. The more thorough your diaries are, the better you will understand your drinking habits. For instance, your diaries may include how many drinks you drank, where you were drinking and who you were drinking with during that session. You can also include how you act after a certain amount of drinks, so in the future, you will be able to avoid any negative situations that arose from you being intoxicated.

Plan a Way Home Beforehand

Drinking and driving is against the law; you are putting not only yourself in danger, but also the people around you. When going out to drink, it is best to assign a designated driver who is responsible for bringing everybody home safely. Other alternatives include calling an uber or taxi, taking the public transit home or ordering after hours alcohol delivery, so you wouldn’t have to leave your home or party to get more drinks.

Do Not Give Into Peer Pressure

Be careful of who you surround yourself with while drinking alcohol. If the people around you are encouraging you to drink more than your limit, it’s best to move away and avoid them because you will likely end up more intoxicated than you would’ve been with people who respect your boundaries. Distancing yourself from these people would not only steer you away from danger during that drinking session, but it would also reinforce healthy drinking habits. Common situations that encourage over-drinking are drinking games and competitions. Instead of participating in these kinds of activities, you can play pool, darts or even dance while still being able to spend time with your friends.

Drinking is a common pastime for lots of people, it's fun and even calming at times. But, it is important to always be cautious while drinking to prevent you from harming yourself and others. Come up with a plan ahead of time; know what your intentions are for transportation, who you are going with and most importantly, how much alcohol you can consume. Enjoying your time while drinking is key, but staying safe is what really matters.

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5 Different Types Of Liquor & Their Uses

Have you ever hosted a party and realised halfway through that you were going to run out of something your guests are enjoying? This could be a snack, a main meal item or even a type of drink. Well, you don’t need to worry about keeping the party going anymore. With Toronto’s best after hours alcohol delivery service, that offers quick and efficient delivery of your favourite types of alcohol. Before you place your order for your next party, you should know more about  which drinks will be flowing at your party.

Below we highlight 5 different types of liquor and their uses. Hopefully by the time you are done reading this article you will have a good idea of which drink will be your party’s featured beverage and you will be ready to throw a party like a professional!

#1 Vodka

An all-time popular beverage, vodka is a must have item for any home bar and needs to be available at any party. It is a transparent liquor originating from Russia and Poland. This powerful beverage is mainly made up of water and ethanol. Vodka stands out as a powerful liquor as it is customarily made by distilling the fluid from potatoes or grains. Many vodka brands add sugar or fruits as their base. If you’re planning to use an after hours alcohol delivery, you might consider adding vodka to your list. It is your ally for popular cocktails like Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, and Screwdriver.

#2 Brandy

Another type of liquor that has seen a popularity boost in the past few years is brandy. It is achieved after distilling wine and has a distinct taste. With between 35% and 60% alcohol it is considered  an excellent digestif. Most brandies are matured in wooden casks, as a result, there are numerous brandy varieties available for you to choose from. Popular brandy cocktails include the Sazerac and Sangria but it is often enjoyed straight up.

#3 Mezcal

Even though Mezcal is commonly mistaken for tequila, it is considered a completely different liquor. Mezcal has a smoky aroma, and it is a beverage obtained from distilled agave. It is a popular liquor in Mexico, and around the globe. You can enjoy Mezcal in cocktails like the Mezcal Negroni and Esplanade Swizzle or you can enjoy it’s natural flavours by enjoying sips from a chilled glass./

#4 Rum

Every party you attend should have rum available as it is an aromatic beverage with enticing flavours. Rum is a distilled drink achieved after fermenting and distilling sugarcane molasses. It is one of the most popular liquors around the globe, so it is no surprise that there are different types of rum available, including light and dark rum. Some people prefer serving dark rum on the rocks and using light rum for cocktails. Some of the popular rum drinks you can serve include Pina Colada, Mojito or Rum and cola.

#5 Tequila

Tequila is a beverage made from the blue agave plant and has similarities to Mezcal. However, tequila stands out since it has a higher alcoholic grade. You are probably used to seeing tequila in movies or tv shows served as a shot with salt and lime, but higher end tequilas are meant to be sipped on and enjoyed slowly as they lack the harsh afterbite that comes with a lower grade tequila. Of course, you can enjoy popular tequila cocktails like Margarita and Tequila Paloma.

The above is just an overview of some of the most popular liquors available today and how they are enjoyed. So, next time you are planning a party, remember there is no need to run out last minute to pick up a bottle of your favourite beverage or worse leave halfway through your party to stalk up, just call Drink Ink at (647) 641-2374.