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All You Need To Know About Wine Storage

Whether you are drinking wine while passing time with your friends and family or tasting different types as a hobby, properly storing the wine is a very important aspect of drinking this alcoholic beverage. Wine storage is a crucial aspect of preserving and maintaining the quality of wine. It is essential for wine enthusiasts and collectors to understand the proper storage conditions for wine to ensure that it is consumed at its optimal taste and aroma. In the article down below, it will discuss the various factors that affect wine storage, including temperature, humidity, light, and vibration, as well as the different types of wine storage options available.


Temperature is one of the most critical factors in wine storage. Wine should be stored at a consistent and optimal temperature between 12 and 14 degrees celsius. Any deviation from this range can negatively impact the wine's taste, aroma, and ageing process. Too high of a temperature can cause the wine to spoil, while too low of a temperature can slow down the ageing process and make the wine taste dull. It is also important to note that sudden changes in temperature can also harm the wine, so it is crucial to keep the storage area free from drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Humidity is another crucial factor in wine storage. Wine should be stored at a humidity level of between 60 and 70%. This level of humidity is ideal for preserving the wine's cork, which can dry out and allow air to enter the bottle, causing the wine to spoil. High humidity can also cause mold to grow on the labels and corks, which can damage the wine's appearance and taste. On the other hand, low humidity can cause the cork to dry out and shrink, which can also allow air to enter the bottle and spoil the wine.


Light is another important factor in wine storage, as exposure to light can cause the wine to deteriorate and negatively affect its taste, aroma, and overall quality. The ultraviolet (UV) rays present in sunlight and artificial light can cause the wine to become heated, which can cause the wine to age too quickly and lose its flavour and aroma. Furthermore, light can cause the wine to become light-struck, a phenomenon that can cause the wine to develop a skunky smell and taste. Proper wine storage requires minimal exposure to light, as well. A wine cellar, which is an underground room specifically designed for wine storage, is the ideal environment for ageing wine as it is naturally dark and cool. A wine fridge is also a good option, as it allows you to control the temperature and humidity levels, and it's also designed to keep out light.

When storing wine bottles, it's important to keep the labels facing the back or bottom of the rack, as this will minimise the amount of light that reaches the wine. Additionally, it's a good idea to keep the bottles stored in a dark coloured or opaque container, as this will also help to block out light.It is also important to note that the colour of the bottle also plays a role in protecting the wine from light. Dark coloured bottles, such as green and brown, provide better protection from light than clear or light-coloured bottles.


Humidity is one of the most critical factors in wine storage, as it plays a crucial role in preserving the quality, taste, and aroma of the wine. The cork of a wine bottle is particularly sensitive to humidity, as it can dry out if the environment is too dry, and allow air to enter the bottle, which can cause the wine to spoil. On the other hand, if the environment is too humid, mold can grow on the cork and affect the wine's taste and aroma.

Wine cellar and wine fridge are the best option for proper wine storage, as they allow you to control the humidity levels. Wine cellar, an underground room specifically designed for wine storage, is the ideal environment for ageing wine as it naturally maintains a consistent humidity level. A wine fridge is also a good option, as it allows you to control the temperature and humidity levels, and it's also designed to keep out light.It is also important to note that placing a small container of water near the wine bottles can help to maintain a consistent humidity level, as the water will evaporate and add moisture to the air.


Vibration is another key factor in wine storage, as it can greatly affect the ageing process and the overall quality of the wine. Vibration can cause the wine to become agitated, which can cause the sediment in the wine to become suspended and spoil the wine's flavour and aroma. Additionally, vibration can cause the wine to be shaken, which can cause the wine to oxidize and spoil its taste and aroma as well.

When storing wine bottles, it's important to keep them on a stable surface, such as a wine rack or wine cellar shelving. This will help to minimise any vibrations that may occur. It's also a good idea to keep the wine bottles away from appliances and other sources of vibration, such as washing machines and dryers, as these can cause the wine to become agitated and spoil its flavour and aroma. Furthermore, it's important to handle the wine bottles with care, as even small vibrations caused by handling the bottles can cause the wine to become agitated and spoil its flavour and aroma.

Types of Wine Storages

There are several types of wine storage options available, including wine cellars, wine fridges, and wine racks. Wine cellars are underground storage spaces that are specifically designed for wine storage. They provide optimal temperature, humidity, light, and vibration control, making them the ideal option for long-term wine storage. Wine fridges are refrigerated units that are specifically designed for wine storage. They are ideal for short-term storage and are perfect for those who want to keep their wine at the optimal temperature at all times. Wine racks are another option for wine storage, and they are ideal for those who have limited space. They can be mounted on walls or placed on countertops and are perfect for displaying your wine collection.

In conclusion, wine storage is a crucial aspect of preserving and maintaining the quality of wine, especially if you don’t finish it after using the available after hours alcohol delivery services. Temperature, humidity, light, and vibration are all factors that can affect wine storage, and it is essential to understand how to properly store wine to ensure that it is consumed at its optimal taste and aroma. There are several types of wine storage options available, including wine cellars, wine fridges, and wine racks, each with their own unique benefits and limitations. By understanding the proper storage conditions for wine and choosing the right storage option, wine enthusiasts, collectors and even simple enjoyers can ensure that their wine is always at its best.

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5 Great Finger Foods To Pair With A Cold Beer

With so many various varieties of beer and even seasonal styles to consider, coming up with excellent matches for every beer on your restaurant or bar's beer list may be challenging. Creating an outstanding beer and food matching menu may significantly increase your earnings. Continue reading to discover some principles for beer and food pairings and which finger foods would be great to have with a nice, cold beer.

Guidelines for Food and Beer Pairing


To produce an optimal combination, you must choose a beer or meal with a single strong, dominant taste, such as sweet, rich, or greasy. You want a meal with a unique flavour that can stand out without being overpowering. Oysters and stout are an example of a nice contrast match. Oysters offer a strong saline flavour that can stand up to the stout's thick mouthfeel and chocolate flavours.


One of the simplest ways to create a wonderful meal and beer match is to use complimentary tastes. It is best that you pair rich dishes with beers with a thick and rich flavour, such as stouts or porters. Light beers or wheat beers go well with light salads and fish, while fruit tarts go well with light beers or wheat beers.


You may also use your beer to cleanse your palate. This beer match is good for foods with strong or overwhelming tastes, such as spicy Indian cuisine or fatty fried food. For example, you may wash down the fire of Korean fried chicken with the cold and pleasant flavour of light lager. This combo may also be used in the reverse direction, with fatty foods such as french fries or almonds helping to cut through the bitterness of an IPA.

Avoid Overpowering Flavours

It is recommended that you keep in mind the taste levels in your meal and beverages. Many medium and dark beers have a robust taste that might overshadow certain foods. For example, you wouldn't serve salmon with a pint of Guinness since the beer's flavour would entirely mask the taste of the fish.

Finger Food and Beer

Snack Mix and Mailbock

Snack mixtures are crunchy, lightly flavoured, and frequently a little sweet. This type of food would be perfect to match with a cold beer on the side.  Snack mixtures  require a beer that will not interfere with or be washed away by the spicy tastes. Maibocks (also known as Heller Bocks) are an excellent choice as well since they are strong and malty without being cloying or obnoxious. Furthermore,  because most are just moderately alcoholic, you may drink one or two before moving on to the next food combination.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings have so many powerful tastes and buttery richness that need to be complemented with a nice drink, instead of overpowered.  With that being said, when eating this certain dish, it would be great to have a beer on the side because it will play nicely with the food, instead of fighting against it with its own taste and flavours. Beer pairs nicely with fried chicken because its bitterness and carbonation cleanse the palate between pieces of chicken, much like an acidic wine would. If you ever have the chance, you must try this combination, as it is one of the most liked pairing on this list.


When done right, burgers and beer are one of the most gratifying grilling combinations there is. Like chicken wings, burgers come with a slew of flavours after each bite because of the seasoning of the burger itself, as well as the toppings that are stuffed inside this type of food. Tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, mustard, onions and much more are all types of toppings that could potentially affect the taste of the burger. With all the possible burger combinations , the key to really enjoying the burger and beer experience is to create the right balance in taste between the burger, its toppings, and the beer.


The inherent sweetness of the potato is heightened by the malts in the beer, making fries and beer the ideal pairing. Furthermore, the texture of the fries, with the crunchiness of its outside and the softness of its inside, makes it a great finger food to have with a nice, cold beer.  Crisp beers will cut through the fattiness of the frying and oils, while rich beers will complement the earthy texture. Any kind of beer would pair great with fries, so if you are planning to have this type of food as your late night snack, but don't have beer to wash it down, order from an after hours alcohol delivery service!


Beer is good, and pizza is good, but both together are perfect. With the oiliness of the pizza and the flavours provided by the toppings of the pizza, this type of food pairs well with a beer of your choice. Because of this, it's one of the finest meal combos known by the general public, and the perfect beer may even make your pizza taste even better!

Finger food and beer is a perfect combination that you should try, as they compliment each other very well. That is why the two are paired together at parties and gatherings between your friends and even your family. In order to make sure that you are getting the best out of this combo, you must be aware of how the two contrast each other, whether or not they compliment each others’ tastes, if you can cleanse your food with beer and how to avoid overpowering flavours. Some of the best types of finger food that goes well with cold beer include snack mixes/Mailbocks, chicken wings, burgers, fries and pizza. Combining this set of finger food with beer will enlighten your taste buds and help you have a great night on a full stomach.

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5 Underrated Types Of Whisky (and How To Drink Them)

Moderately and safely drinking is a great way to pass time with your friends or even by yourself when you want to relax and such. One popular alcoholic beverage that is shared on special occasions or times of relaxation is whisky. You might have tried different types of whisky in the past and have already established your favourites. However, there is a wide variety of whisky that have amazing flavours and aromas that can compliment your drinking palette. With that being said, there are still so many drinks, more specifically whiskies, that are considered a must-try across the world. To help you explore the world of whisky, here are 5 underrated types of whisky and how to drink them.

Crown Royal

Crown Royal makes a variety of blended whiskies, each of which is made with the finely calibrated expertise that has become synonymous with Canadian whiskey blenders. Crown Royal whiskey has a medium body and enough mouthfeel to appreciate on its own, but it's also light enough to combine. A modest,nice sweetness is present on the tongue, with vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, and a pleasant oakiness rounding out the taste profile before a rye spiciness flows across the palate. Crown Royal provides a pleasant, sipping whiskey with just the proper amount of bite. Crown is a lovely Canadian whiskey, and it's easy to see why Crown enthusiasts are so loyal. You can keep it simple and drink whisky straight in an old-fashioned glass or even a brandy snifter. You can also change it up and mix Crown Royal with other beverages and ingredients. For instance, you can turn this drink into Crown Whisky Sour, which contains fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and an optional egg white. You may also mix Crown Royal with sweet vermouth, Angostura and orange bitters to make a Manhattan.

Canadian Club

Beam Suntory's Canadian Club is a brand of Canadian whiskey. Hiram Walker and Sons produced Canadian Club, popularly known as CC, as part of the creation of a brand around a product that occurred a while back in the nineteenth century. Canadian Club is a superb sipping whiskey with a scent of almond and peppery spice and a flavour of wood and vanilla. It can be served plain, blended, or as part of a cocktail. You may get Canadian Club Dry pre-mixed, which contains whisky and ginger, which is one of the classic ways to consume it. This is another drink that you can mix with fresh lemon juice and simple syrup in order to make a Canadian Whisky Sour. Canadian Club is such a versatile alcoholic beverage that you need to try straight and mixed with other ingredients.

Johnny Walker Red

The best-selling Scotch Whisky in the world is Johnny Walker Red Label. This drink is designed to be mixed, both in exciting drinks and with your favourite people. It combines whiskies chosen for their strong, bright tastes that provide a scorching kick to any cocktail. It crackles with spice and explodes with vivid, smokey flavours, followed by a soft base of vanilla, a fresh zestiness, and the Johnnie Walker trademark of a long, lingering, smoky finish. The most basic method to consume this whisky is neat, with sips of chilled water in between. Many people also put a few drops of water to their whiskey, which can help the flavours blend. This drink is also another whisky that you can use in a Canadian Sour.

Maker’s Mark

Beam Suntory produces this small-batch bourbon whiskey in Loretto, Kentucky, utilising a 170-year family recipe. Each bottle, which was conceived by Bill Samuels, Sr., includes a wax seal that ensures no two bottles are the same. This is made of tender red winter wheat and is neither bitter nor harsh. Each barrel is manually turned and has notes of caramel, vanilla, and fruity essences. Caramel, toasted grains and oak, vanilla, apple, cinnamon, clove, and cocoa powder kick off this drink. The tastes, like the aromas, are centred on caramel, grain, oak, and spice (cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg). The milder fruitiness fades into the background. If you merely want to play around with dilution, use a dropper or teaspoon and add little quantities of water until you're satisfied. Once you've mastered the drink, you may combine it, add a slice of lime with soda, or build a cocktail like an old fashioned or Manhattan.

Peter Scot Malt

Lost in the sea of Indian brands, this original whisky brand is just as good as its competitors, like Amrut, Woodburn's, and others. This whiskey, which comes from the Khoday distillery and has been on the market since 1968. The scot malt is distilled from the best malt and aged in wood barrels for a very reasonable price. This well-balanced combination, with overtones of chocolate and wood, is one of the greatest local discoveries. The best whiskies should be served at room temperature with a splash of still water in a fitting glass; the less expensive ones can be blended with whatever you choose. It is important to remember, however, that the glass in which you consume this type of whiskey is critical for its scent.

Whisky is an amazing alcoholic beverage that most of the general public tends to like and it’s for good reason. There are various types of whisky out there that you should try and the most notable ones that most recommend include Crown Royal, Canadian Club, Johnny Walker Red Maker’s mark and Peter Scot Malt. By trying all of these, you will expand your palette and find what you truly like. The more you try, the more you will know about your preferences. If you want to try these drinks, but don’t have the time or energy to go to your local alcohol store, you should try the after hours alcohol delivery service!

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5 High-end Drinks To Have On Special Occasions

Drinking is a great activity to casually perform when you are with your friends or even by yourself. There are a variety of drinks to choose from and each of them have their own unique tastes and aromas. With that being said, there is an alcoholic beverage for everyone, regardless of how different everyone’s palette is. Because of the different kinds of drinks on the market, drinking is fit for any occasion, especially special ones. If you are planning to drink for your next gathering and such, but don’t know which ones to have, here are 5 high-end drinks that are best to have on special occasions.


First on the list is Casamigos, which is an amazing brand of tequila that the general public tends to enjoy during both casual and special occasions. People describe this drink as a hot, sweet, soft, and sugary, light to medium oil. This drink  contains some alcohol numbing, as well as spice, chocolate, and vanilla. Moreover, Casamigos tequila tastes a little like  cooked agave, oak, and pepper. For the finish, this brand's drinks tend to be very sweet, with an artificially sweet aftertaste. People also tend to describe this tequila brand's finish as creamy, with some pepper and spice and lasting heat.


On special occasions, it is great to have Patron. This brand is another high-end tequila drink that costs quite a bit, but is very worth its price. Their tequila tends to be a crowd-pleaser, so if you are ever stuck with what drink you should get, purchasing Patron from the after-hours alcohol delivery service is a choice that you can’t go wrong with. In their tequila, there are caramel, agave, honey, and white pepper notes. Patron tends to be spicy yet sweet at the same time, with earthy agave notes, vanilla undertones, and honey caramel sweetness. People tend to say that this brand has a nice linger, with a  peppery and spicy taste that is paired with honey and caramel richness.


Hennessy is a popular drink that you can easily find at any special occasion. This drink tends to be most people’s go-to choice as it is extremely good to drink straight. It has a flowery scent and a fruity flavour, and it is amber or golden in colour. Furthermore, on top of the fruity flavour, you will taste a slight presence of pleasant oakiness. You can pour it into a brandy snifter, which is a type of drinking glass and enjoy the texture as your hand warms this excellent brandy. It is also suitable for a lengthy drink that you do not finish right away.

Taittinger Champagne

The brand Taittinger Champagne is the first champagne on the list and it is well deserving of its spot. This high-end drink is perfect for special occasions and it is something you can’t go wrong with. On the palette, this drink, as many would describe it, is dry with high acidity. Furthermore, this champagne has a  medium alcohol and body, paired with a delicate mousse, medium+ flavour intensity, and a lingering finish. Taittinger champagne also commonly has pear, yellow apple, lemon, lime, yeast, toast, and almond tastes.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a high-end French wheat vodka. Its brand is synonymous with high-quality vodka, and the bottle may be found in bars and liquor stores all over the world. Citrus fruits, melon, and vanilla are among the naturally flavoured vodkas available, and their cherry and pear vodkas are among the best. Whatever flavour you choose, it will remind you of the pure, smooth taste of the original clear vodka.

Grey Goose has the flavour that everyone looks for in a good vodka. This brand provides drinks that are crisp, clean, and smooth. This brand's drinks include a slight sweetness from the wheat and a light alcohol flavour. Grey Goose's finish is crisp and smooth, missing the burn found in many of its competitors.

Drinking is perfect for special occasions, especially if you are celebrating with a number of people. If you are having trouble choosing a drink that would fit everyone’s tasting palette, some high-end drinks that you should consider include Casamigos, Patron, Hennessy, Taittinger Champagne and Grey Goose. You can’t go wrong with any of these drinks as they are all great in their own unique ways. If you want these drinks, but your local liquor store doesn’t have them or is closed, invest in the after hours alcohol delivery service today!